Committee Names and Codes

Committees active in the current congress are listed with their committee code. Committee names may change from one congress to the next, but committee codes are persistent across congresses. Use committee codes with the committee: field label. For example, committee: hsed00 finds legislation referred to the House Committee on Education and the Workforce across all congresses, even though the committee's name has changed several times.

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Name Committee Code
House Standing Committees
Agriculture hsag00
Appropriations hsap00
Armed Services hsas00
Budget hsbu00
Education and the Workforce hsed00
Energy and Commerce hsif00
Ethics hsso00
Financial Services hsba00
Foreign Affairs hsfa00
Homeland Security hshm00
House Administration hsha00
Judiciary hsju00
Natural Resources hsii00
Oversight and Government Reform hsgo00
Rules hsru00
Science, Space, and Technology hssy00
Small Business hssm00
Transportation and Infrastructure hspw00
Veterans' Affairs hsvr00
Ways and Means hswm00
House Special and Select Committees
Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence hlig00
Select Committee on the Events Surrounding the 2012 Terrorist Attack in Benghazi hlzi00
Senate Standing Committees
Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry ssaf00
Appropriations ssap00
Armed Services ssas00
Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs ssbk00
Budget ssbu00
Commerce, Science, and Transportation sscm00
Energy and Natural Resources sseg00
Environment and Public Works ssev00
Finance ssfi00
Foreign Relations ssfr00
Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions sshr00
Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs ssga00
Judiciary ssju00
Rules and Administration ssra00
Small Business and Entrepreneurship sssb00
Veterans' Affairs ssva00
Senate Special and Select Committees
Aging spag00
Ethics slet00
Indian Affairs slia00
Intelligence slin00
Joint Committees
Joint Economic jsec00
Joint Library jslc00
Joint Printing jspr00
Joint Taxation jstx00