SUBMITTED RESOLUTIONS; Congressional Record Vol. 164, No. 85
(Senate - May 23, 2018)

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                         SUBMITTED RESOLUTIONS



  Mr. HATCH (for himself and Mrs. Feinstein) submitted the following 
resolution; which was referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations:

                              S. Res. 520

       Whereas Congress has recognized examples of corporate 
     statesmanship and philanthropy in an effort to encourage 
     similar engagement within the United States and abroad;
       Whereas Li Ka-shing was the chairman of the CK Group of 
     Companies, a multinational corporation with 310,000 employees 
     operating in 57 countries around the world;
       Whereas Li Ka-shing has dedicated his life not only to the 
     success of the CK Group of Companies, but also to improving 
     the welfare of all of humanity;
       Whereas, at the age of 12, Li Ka-shing was forced to leave 
     school to provide for his family following the death of his 
     father from tuberculosis, and later became the wealthiest 
     individual in Asia;
       Whereas the business philosophy of Li Ka-shing reflects his 
     belief in the importance of cooperation and contribution from 
     allies, partners, and employees;
       Whereas Li Ka-shing believes and has taught that an 
     equitable society can only be achieved if individuals are 
     willing to do their part to build a more caring society;
       Whereas, in 1980, Li Ka-shing established the Li Ka Shing 
     Foundation to nurture a culture of giving and to foster 
     creativity, constructive engagement, and sustainability;
       Whereas, to date, Li Ka-shing, through the Li Ka Shing 
     Foundation and the CK Group of Companies, has given some 
     $3,000,000,000 to support critical programs that transcend 
     national boundaries, governments, ethnicities, religions, and 
       Whereas the philanthropy of Li Ka-shing includes donations 
     to children's health and resources centers, cancer research 
     centers, and major medical and bioscience research facilities 
     at Stanford University, the University of California, 
     Berkeley, and the University of California, San Francisco,
       Whereas Li Ka-shing has given billions of dollars to combat 
     hepatitis, avian flu, and hereditary and degenerative 
       Whereas Li Ka-shing has funded scholarships at the 
     University of Utah, Utah Valley University, and schools 
     throughout Canada, Asia, and Europe;
       Whereas the philanthropy of Li Ka-shing has--
       (1) created a free hospice program throughout China;
       (2) built hospitals; and
       (3) provided medical services--
          (A) to correct cataracts;
          (B) to help children with cleft lips and palates; and
          (C) to install prosthetics for amputees;
       Whereas Li Ka-shing has developed a monastery as a modern 
     institute for Buddhist education to spread peace and harmony;
       Whereas Li Ka-shing has brought relief to victims of 
     tsunamis in American Samoa and Indonesia, as well as 
     earthquakes around the world;
       Whereas Li Ka-shing has established Shantou University, the 
     only privately funded public university in the world, to 
     provide open enrollment to students across China, regardless 
     of their means;
       Whereas, in his historic ``My Third Son'' speech, Li Ka-
     shing articulated his philosophy that his fellow man is as 
     much a part of his family as are his sons, Victor and 
       Whereas the ``My Third Son'' speech has been referenced by 
     other philanthropists, such as Warren Buffett;
       Whereas the concept of the ``Third Son'' of Li Ka-shing has 
     been mentioned in ``The Chronicle of Philanthropy'' and cited 
     in the context of honors Li Ka-shing has received, such as 
     the inaugural Malcolm S. Forbes Lifetime Achievement Award, 
     the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy, the Knight Commander of 
     the Order of the British Empire, the Commandeur, Legion 
     d'honneur in France, and the Grand Bauhinia Medal in Hong 
     Kong; and
       Whereas Li Ka-shing has retired as Chairman of CK Group of 
     Companies: Now, therefore, be it
       Resolved, That the Senate--
       (1) commends Li Ka-shing for his global business leadership 
     and service to humanity through the advancement of 
       (2) congratulates Li Ka-shing as he formally retires as 
     chairman of the CK Group of Companies on May 10, 2018; and

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       (3) respectfully requests that the Secretary of the Senate 
     transmit a copy of this resolution to Li Ka-shing.