OATH OF CITIZENSHIP ON MAY 11, 2018; Congressional Record Vol. 164, No. 73
(Extensions of Remarks - May 07, 2018)

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                  OATH OF CITIZENSHIP ON MAY 11, 2018


                        HON. PETER J. VISCLOSKY

                               of indiana

                    in the house of representatives

                          Monday, May 7, 2018

  Mr. VISCLOSKY. Mr. Speaker, it is with great pleasure and sincerity 
that I take this time to congratulate thirty individuals who will take 
their oaths of citizenship on May 11, 2018. This memorable occasion 
will be held at the United States Courthouse and Federal Building in 
Hammond, Indiana.
   America is a country founded by immigrants. From its beginning, 
settlers have come from countries around the world to the United States 
in search of better lives for their families. Oath ceremonies are a 
shining example of what is so great about the United States of 
America--that people from all over the world can come together and 
unite as members of a free, democratic nation. These individuals 
realize that nowhere else in the world offers a better opportunity for 
success than here in America.
   On May 11, 2018, the following people, representing many nations 
throughout the world, will take their oaths of citizenship in Hammond, 
Indiana: Kashif Javed, Tetiana Ivanovna Olszewski, Leticia San Pascual 
Santos, Tariq Javed, Mario Isabel Garcia, Emilija Muvceski, Naiyang Ma, 
Ahmed Mohamed Abdalla, Sung Gun Wang, Missin Mahu Ruth Hountin, 
Florencia Stoll, Sheku Abraham Swaray, Bradley Dennis Smith, Aruna 
Thinakkal, Elizabeth Salceda, Vaibhav Agarwal, Charu Agarwal, Amitava 
Krishna Dutt, Natalia Yepez Frias, Dima Yasin, Nezira Zigic, Yessica 
Edely Garcia, Kerwin Otis Sheldon Huggins, Martha Isabel Carlton, 
Pauline Shelliann Montique, Ricardo Almanza, Hui Min Justina Bernadette 
Barkley, Hugo Enrique Gonzalez, Pete Nikolovski, and Caleb Ikenna 
   Although each individual has sought to become a citizen of the 
United States for his or her own reasons, be it for education, 
occupation, or to offer their loved ones better lives, each is inspired 
by the fact that the United States of America is, as Abraham Lincoln 
described it, a country ``. . . of the people, by the people, and for 
the people.'' They realize that the United States is truly a free 
nation. By seeking American citizenship, they have made the decision 
that they want to live in a place where, as guaranteed by the First 
Amendment of the Constitution, they can practice religion as they 
choose, speak their minds without fear of punishment, and assemble in 
peaceful protest should they choose to do so.
   Mr. Speaker, I respectfully ask you and my other distinguished 
colleagues to join me in congratulating these individuals who will 
become citizens of the United States of America on May 11, 2018. They, 
too, are American citizens, guaranteed the inalienable rights to life, 
liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We, as a free and democratic 
nation, congratulate them and welcome them.

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