MAKING CLEAN WATER A TOP PRIORITY; Congressional Record Vol. 163, No. 154
(House of Representatives - September 26, 2017)

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  The SPEAKER pro tempore. The Chair recognizes the gentleman from 
Minnesota (Mr. Emmer) for 5 minutes.
  Mr. EMMER. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize the city of St. 
Cloud for taking care of our community's drinking water.
  St. Cloud's safe drinking water comes from the mighty Mississippi, 
and its pure form is thanks to projects like the Northwest Regional 
Treatment System, the Northeast Sump Manholes, as well as the Northeast 
St. Cloud Water Quality Project, the city's newest water purifying 
project. To put the effectiveness of these projects in perspective, the 
Northeast St. Cloud Water Quality Project stops 10,200 pounds of 
sediment and 20 pounds of phosphorus from entering the Mississippi 
every year.
  Because of the commitment to the health and safety of the city's 
water supply, last month St. Cloud was awarded the Source Water 
Protection Award. It is an honor to represent a city that takes the 
health of its citizens so seriously. Congratulations to the city of St. 
Cloud and everyone responsible for the city's water supply.

                A National Award for a Local Bus Driver

  Mr. EMMER. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to congratulate St. Cloud Metro 
Bus driver Todd DeZurik for his first place finish at the 2017 National 
Community Transit Roadeo, which was recently held in Detroit, Michigan. 
This competition gives drivers from all over the Nation the chance to 
take part in a little healthy competition and exhibit their talent by 
driving through a timed obstacle course that imitates real-life 
situations and difficult scenarios that can occur on the road.
  Todd has participated in this competition before, taking third place 
last year and second place in 2012. This year was Todd's year, as he 
took first place against 82 other drivers.
  Congratulations, Todd. I am glad to know we have skilled drivers like 
you on our roads safely transporting the members of our community. Keep 
up the great work.

                  A Minnesota Soldier, Returning Home

  Mr. EMMER. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize one of Minnesota's 
finest military families who fought during our Nation's darkest hour. I 
would especially like to remember one family member who made the 
ultimate sacrifice and who, after more than a half century, will 
finally be returned and laid to rest in his beloved home State.
  Quentin, Earl, and Harold Gifford all bravely served our Nation 
during World War II. While Earl and Harold made it home safely, 
Quentin, who served on the USS Oklahoma, died in the attack on Pearl 
  For 75 years, Quentin remained in the National Memorial Cemetery of 
the Pacific, until this year, when his remains were finally identified. 
The identification of Quentin has brought relief and closure to his 
family, who never forgot the brother they lost. The Giffords are happy 
to have the chance to give Quentin the memorial he deserves.
  Mr. Speaker, I speak for all Minnesotans when I say we are happy to 
finally welcome home a hero like Quentin.

                      2017 Minnesota Farm Families

  Mr. EMMER. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to celebrate the hardworking 
folks from my district who have been selected as this year's Minnesota 
Farm Families.
  The Minnesota Farm Families program is a longstanding tradition in 
our State, having taken place for the past 30 years. This program 
honors the families who have dedicated their lives to agriculture. They 
are chosen because of their exceptional contribution to advance 
Minnesota's agriculture industry.
  This year, five families from my district were selected for their 
agricultural contributions to our State. They include Jim and Sally 
Myers from Anoka County, Rick and Marlene Schlichting from Benton 
County, Curt and Joni Hedtke from Carver County, the Bahnemann Family 
Stock Farm in Washington County, and the Kreitlow and Ford family from 
Wright County.
  Farming is not just a profession for these families, it is a way of 
life. Their hard work and the hard work of families like them make 
agriculture one of the primary drivers of Minnesota's economy.
  Congratulations to the 2017 Minnesota Farm Families. Thank you so 
much for everything you do.