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Conference report filed in House (12/19/1985)

(Conference report filed in House, H. Rept. 99-450)

Makes continuing appropriations for FY 1986 for programs, projects, or activities provided for in the conference report as filed in the House of Representatives for the Agriculture, Rural Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 1986. Authorizes a reduction of six-tenths of one percent in each appropriation item in such Act, with specified exceptions, if such reduction is applied to every appropriation item and applied proportionally to each program, project, and activity as set forth in the conference agreement.

Makes continuing appropriations for FY 1986 for programs, projects, or activities provided for in the following Acts as modified and prescribed under this Act: (1) the Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 1986; (2) the Department of the Interior and Related Agencies Appropriation Act, 1986; (3) the Department of Transportation and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 1986; and (4) the Foreign Assistance and Related Programs Appropriations Act, 1986.

Makes continuing appropriations for FY 1986 for programs, projects, or activities provided for in: (1) the conference report as filed in the House of Representatives for the District of Columbia Appropriations Act, 1986, except as specified; and (2) the conference report as adopted by the House of Representatives for the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 1986.

Provides that the definition of "program, project, and activity" as set forth in the statement of the managers in the conference report of this Act shall be considered to be the definition required to be reported for FY 1986 by the Committees on Appropriations of each House under the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1986.

Makes continuing appropriations for FY 1986 for programs, projects, or activities provided for in the conference report as passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate for the Treasury, Postal Service, and General Government Appropriations Act, 1986, with specified exceptions.

Makes continuing appropriations for FY 1986 for the following activities under the terms and conditions provided in applicable appropriations Acts for FY 1985, at the current rate: (1) worker training, job search allowances, and relocation allowances under the Trade Act of 1974; (2) activities under the Public Health Service Act; (3) refugee and entrant assistance activities under the Immigration and Nationality Act and specified activities under the Refugee Act of 1980 and the Refugee Education Assistance Act of 1980; (4) foster care and adoption assistance activities under the Social Security Act; and (5) minority science improvement activities under the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1981. Prohibits the use of any such appropriations to initiate or resume any project or activity for which appropriations, funds, or authority were not available during FY 1985.

Provides that appropriations under this Act shall remain available from December 13, 1985, until the earlier of the following: (1) enactment into law of an appropriation for any project or activity provided for in this Act; (2) enactment of the applicable appropriations Act by both Houses without any provision for such project or activity; or (3) September 30, 1986.

Makes continuing appropriations for emergency watershed protection measures under the Agricultural Credit Act of 1978.

Provides for obligation of specified funds for administration expenses of the Farm Credit Administration during FY 1986. Grants the Comptroller General access to examine all records of the Federal land banks and associations, Federal intermediate credit banks and production credit associations, and banks for cooperatives.

Requires the obligation and expenditure during FY 1986 and 1987 of funds authorized and appropriated under title I of the Local Public Works Capital Development and Investment Act of 1976, but currently obligated and not disbursed, for specified projects in New York, New Jersey, California, Alabama, and Illinois.

Appropriates funds to: (1) the Economic Development Administration for grants to Lexington County, South Carolina and the City of Fort Worth, Texas; (2) the United States Information Agency for the reimbursement of expenses for international games for the handicapped; and (3) the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for the Integrated Flood Observing and Warning System.

Prohibits, temporarily, the use of funds made available to the Department of Justice during FY 1986 to implement or adopt New Offense Example 363 providing coverage for insider trading offenses.

Appropriates funds for the Commission on the Bicentennial of the Constitution. Removes limitations on the number of staff and details to the Commission. Prohibits the salary of the Commission director from exceeding 95 percent of level I on the Executive Schedule.

Restricts the expenditure of unobligated balances of the Legal Services Corporation carried over into FY 1986.

Transfers funds between accounts of the Small Business Administration for disaster loan making activities.

Expresses the sense of the Congress that the Government should: (1) investigate and audit all defense contractor billing practices and all other practices involving Government contracts: (2) seek indictments against companies believed to have defrauded the Government; and (3) more aggressively use suspension or debarment of contractors convicted of crimes.

Directs the Secretary of the Army to accomplish specified emergency bank stabilization work in Alaska.

Directs the Secretary of the Army to include as part of the non-Federal contribution for the Fairfield Vicinity Streams, California, project the cost of any work carried out by non-Federal interests on the project after December 31, 1973.

Authorizes the President to deny nondiscriminatory trade treatment to the products of Afghanistan, to deny credit, credit guarantees, and investment guarantees to Afghanistan under any Federal program, and to report to the Congress any reasons for not denying such treatment within 45 days after enactment of this Act. Allows the President to restore such treatment or credit for Afghanistan only after providing 30 days' notice to the Congress.

Makes appropriations for Environmental Protection Agency construction grants.

Transfers funds appropriated to the Veterans Administration from the medical care account to the general operating expenses appropriation. Directs the Administrator of Veterans Affairs to delegate to hospital directors the authority to administer a specified number of major construction projects and to notify the Congress of proposed delegations.

Prohibits the expenditure of funds made available to the Office of the Secretary of the Interior for FY 1986 to submit to the United States District Court for Eastern California any settlement for Westlands Water District v. United States, until: (1) April 15, 1986; and (2) the Congress has received and reviewed the proposed settlement agreement which has been approved and signed by the Secretary.

Provides that funds for the United States Fish and Wildlife Service shall be available for environmental work necessary to translocate a portion of the existing Southern sea otter population. Provides for emergency flood control work near Lake Michigan.

Prohibits penalties or agreement terminations with respect to health system agencies during FY 1986. Allows funds appropriated for agency grants in FY 1986 to be used for grants to States authorized to receive such grants under the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1981.

Makes loan guarantees under the Health Education Assistance Loan program available without regard to any apportionments or similar limitations not explicitly established after enactment of this Act.

Directs the Secretary of Health and Human Services to extend approval for one year of four municipal health service demonstration projects under Medicare.

Requires States to use sums received under title XX of the Social Security Act (Block Grants to States for Social Services) to improve the availability and quality of child care and child abuse prevention training.

Makes funds provided for the Secretary of Education's discretionary fund for programs of national significance available immediately upon enactment of the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education, and Related Agencies Appropriation Act, 1986.

Revises Pell Grant eligibility requirements for college students residing in areas designated as natural disaster areas in 1985.

Provides that the individual holding the position of Chief of the United States Capitol Police on January 1, 1985, shall be considered to have been appointed to that position before January 1, 1984, for purposes of civil service retirement and Old Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance coverage. Grants such individual 60 days to elect coverage under the civil service retirement system.

Requires payment from the Treasury of basic training costs for members of the Capitol Police at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center for FY 1986.

Appropriates FY 1986 funds for the establishment and operation of the Biomedical Ethics Board and the Biomedical Ethics Advisory Committee.

Amends the Legislative Reorganization Act of 1946 to require the Director of the Congressional Research Service to submit to the Librarian of Congress for review, consideration, evaluation, and approval, the budget estimates of the Service for inclusion in the Federal budget.

Deems the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe to be a committee of the Congress for purposes of costs relating to printing and binding.

Amends the Federal Salary Act of 1967 to require members of the Commission on Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Salaries to be appointed, and the Commission to conduct its review of pay rates, in FY 1987. Directs the Commission to: (1) determine the appropriateness of the executive levels of Executive Schedule positions; and (2) submit its report to the President by December 15 of the year the review is conducted. Provides that the President's subsequent pay rate recommendations shall become effective unless disapproved by a joint resolution agreed to by the Congress within 30 days after such recommendation is transmitted to the Congress. Directs the Commission to make no recommendations after its review in FY 1985.

Authorizes the Department of the Navy to expend necessary sums to effectuate a settlement with the State of Washington of back tax liabilities arising out of Federal construction and procurement projects.

Increases from 30 to 40 percent of salary the limitation on honorarium income for Senators, effective January 1, 1986.

Authorizes the Secretary of the Army to use Reserve Forces to carry out emergency flood recovery and clean up measures in areas of West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Virginia and Gulf Coast areas declared entitled to relief under the Disaster Relief Act of 1974 for flooding occurring on and after August 30, 1985.

Specifies conditions under which a Federal agency may allot free building space for child care service for Federal employees.

Repeals the termination date of the Federal Employees Flexible and Compressed Work Schedules Act of 1982.

Eliminates the requirement that one of the Under Secretaries of the Department of the Treasury be an Under Secretary for Monetary Affairs.

Increases from four to 20 the number of airports at which reimbursable customs services may be provided.

Increases the maximum expenditures by the U.S. Secret Service for the installation of security devices and construction related to providing security on certain residences of protectees.

Increases from 30 to 42 days the number of days per year that the Board of Governors of the U.S. Postal Service may meet.

Prohibits the use of appropriated funds by the Office of Management and Budget to revise the administrative or regulatory methodology used by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to assure compliance with the Federal Alcohol Administration Act.

Authorizes the Administrator of General Services and the Secretary of Commerce to locate the International Trade Administration Boston District Office in the World Trade Center, Boston, Massachusetts. Requires submission of a report on steps taken to achieve such move to the Appropriations Committees of both Houses.

Extends, temporarily, current law regarding contributions to the Civil Service retirement fund by new Federal employees.

Ethics in Government Act Amendments of 1985 - Amends the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 to authorize the President to require executive branch officers and employees to file confidential financial disclosure reports requiring more or less extensive information than is required elsewhere in such Act.

Directs the Secretary of the Interior to: (1) make every effort during FY 1986 to resolve the outstanding conflicts concerning the future leasing and protection of lands on the California outer continental shelf for oil and gas exploration and development; and (2) submit periodic reports to the Congress on the progress of negotiations carried out with specified members of the Congress to resolve such conflicts.