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Passed House amended (09/22/1982)

(Measure passed House, amended, roll call #352 (267-125))

Title I: Tariff Schedules Amendments - Subtitle A: Permanent Changes in Tariff Treatment - Amends the Tariff Schedules of the United States to permit imports of furs from the People's Republic of China.

Sets forth a schedule for gradually lowering the column one duty on certain fish netting and fish nets to 17 percent ad valorem.

Grants duty-free treatment to: (1) fourdrinier wires suitable for use in capacitor papermaking machines; (2) casein button blanks; and (3) certain materials that the National Aeronautics ad Space Administration intends to use in connection with a space launch.

Changes the definitions of certain dolls, doll skins, and toy figures for purposes of the Tariff Schedules.

Subtitle B: Temporary Changes in Tariff Treatment - Suspends the duty on imports of: (1) fresh cantaloupes imported between January 1 and May 15 of certain years; (2) hatters' fur; (3) needlecraft display models which are replicas of needlecraft kits; (4) certain disposable gowns and surgical drapes; (5) p-hydroxybenzoic acid; (6) triphenyl phosphate; (7) isomeric mixtures of ethylbiphenyl; (8) uncompounded allyl resins; (9) caffeine; (10) copper scale; (11) certain clock radios; (12) heat-set stretch texturing machines; (13) hosiery knitting machines; (14) double-headed latch needles; (15) certain externally-powered electric prosthetic devices; (16) certain small toy and novelty items; and (17) certain doll clothing, doll skins, dolls, and toy figures.

Extends the suspension of duty on: (1) Bis (4-aminobenzoate)-1, 3 propanediol (trimethylene glycol di-p- aminobenzoate), until June 30, 1984; (2) certain color couplers and color intermediates, until September 30, 1985; (3) natural graphite until December 31, 1984; and (4) certain bicycle parts, until June 30, 1986.

Sets forth a schedule for temporarily reducing both the column one rate of duty on imports of dicofol and the tariff rate applicable to imports of dicofol from least developed developing countries.

Subtitle C: Taking Effect of Amendments to Tariff Schedules - Sets forth the effective date of the amendments made by Subtitles A and B.

Title II: Miscellaneous Customs Provisions - Allows certain records concerning business, engineering, or exploration conducted outside the United States to enter the United States as "intangibles" which are not subject to the Tariff Schedules. Repeals the provision which made such records duty-free.

Amends the Tariff Act of 1930 to repeal the provision that deemed the nominal consignee of merchandise entering the United States to be the owner of the merchandise. Provides that the required documentation for the entry of merchandise into the United States must be filed by either the owner, purchaser, or a person holding a valid license as a customshouse broker. Authorizes the appropriate customs officer to accept, without liability, the declaration of a consignee that the consignee is the owner or purchaser of the import. Requires that the importer of record must be one of the parties eligible to file the required documentation. Authorizes the carrier of the merchandise to certify any person to be the owner, purchaser, or consignee of the merchandise. Authorizes the customs officer to accept such certification.

Allows articles withdrawn from a bonded warehouse to be delivered into successive bonded warehouses located anywhere in the United States for export. (Current law requires the successive bonded warehouses to be located at an exterior port and requires the articles to be exported immediately.)

Amends the Tariff Schedules of the United States to change the dutiable status of watches and watch movements imported from insular possessions of the United States. Defines the insular possessions as the Virgin Islands, Guam, and American Samoa.

Authorizes duty-free importation of watches and watch movements built in the insular possessions without regard to the value of the foreign materials they contain if they meet specified conditions. Imposes a quota on the number of such watches and watch movements that may be imported duty-free during calendar year 1983. Directs the Secretaries of Commerce and of the Interior to establish quotas for subsequent calendar years. Sets forth guidelines for determining such quotas. Allocates the number of duty-free imports of watches and watch movements among the three possessions for calendar year 1983. Authorizes the Secretaries to establish new shares for each insular possession for subsequent calendar years. Directs the Secretaries to allocate the duty exemptions among producers located in the insular possessions.

Directs the Secretaries to verify the wages paid by producers to permanent residents of the insular possessions in the preceding calendar year. Directs the Secretaries to issue a certificate for a portion of such amount to each producer. Sets forth a formula for determining the value of a producer's certificate. States that such certificates entitle the certificate holder to a refund of duties equal to the face value of the certificate on imported watches, watch movements, and parts. Makes such certificates negotiable. Requires such certificates to expire one year after issuance. Permits the certificates to be applied against duties on articles imported within two years before their issuance.